The landscaping scene in Singapore has always been a vastly different and innovative sector compared to the rest of the world. As our island city mostly relies on apartment style housing options, very few have the luxury to have their own full sized garden in Singapore. Yet those who live in HDBs and Condominiums in Singapore still enjoy keeping their own little balcony or window side gardens to add a touch of nature to their homes. And, on the flip side, those lucky ones who own landed properties take a lot of pride in their gardens. They spend tons of money on upkeep and plants to make their gardens look unique and specialised to their liking.

Here at Abundance Landscape, we believe that every good garden starts with a good base. And that base is grass! There are a variety of grasses for one to choose from for their gardens in Singapore. From those more fit for beginners to those that would suit themed gardens like a Zen or Tropical theme. Whatever style of landscape you want to do for your garden though, Abundance has a grass option for you. We even provide personal one-to-one onsite consultations so we walk through the process of purchasing the right sort of grass for your garden. Read on to find out about our selection of grasses below.

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